How mindfulness can help you find presence even at labor’s hardest moments

The clock said 4 am and something was ringing.

It was my phone.

I crawled over my daughter’s sleeping body, wondering when she had arrived in the bed. …

Nine days after she gave birth, April and her newly born daughter joined my moms group.

Her daughter is now two-and-a-half years old and has the strong opinions and big feelings that parents of any toddler will recognize. April and her friend, Patricia, were recently discussing their toddlers’ epic resistance…

One of the moms in the Setting Limits with Toddlers group

When our children melt down in response to a limit, something has them out of sorts. Something has left them stressed and they can no longer think. “The kindest thing you can do for (them),” writes Patty Wipfler, “is to stop the misbehavior and listen… filling (your child) with your…

Mary Esther Malloy

Writer. Activist. Mother. Doing what she can to interrupt the inter-generational passage of pain. Owner of

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